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This path is one of impelling the pursuit for metamorphic transforation to claim one's greater self mastery and reinstatement into unified awareness the path to Galactic Center. In context of Ixion's mythical delineation, it seem's the intent is total redemption of past deeds, surrendering and old mold of self, the remorse, grief and guilt carried for being lost in deceit and manipulation driven from carnal desires occuring in latter Scorpio over Ara and at the sting of the Scorpion.

Of course, whether people do this with Ixion's archetype embodied within self is another story, but Ixion's sojourn along this path provides impetus and opportunity to do so. In the process, it should also intensify this expression in the world for those who do not have any intent to change their tyrannical ways, bringing authoritarian or tyrannical figureheads into the limelight of mass consciousness.

As always, that which is exemplified openly on the global stage reflectively reveals issues to be addressed within ourselves. Ixion was opposite Saturn in sidereal Taurus at the time of discovery, with the Sun approaching Saturn. Saturn was conjoining Mirfak of Perseus and the stars forming the leg and foot of Perseus. This was the time of the midpoint of the Saturn-Ixion synodic cycle, which began in October of This was a compounded synod with Quaoar, with the three nesting in the karmic claws of the Scorpion, between Zubenelgenubi and Zubeneschamali, the former marking Saturn's exalted location in the ecliptic.

The placement of this synod emphasizes "karmic responsibility" with the mid-point bringing this theme to its climax of vision and realization about the nature of the cycle. As a recently discovered planet, Ixion's astrological role is somewhat exploratory. In addition, although we can project back in time, we are only consciously aware of Ixion's passage through sidereal Scorpio, not to enter sidereal Sagittarius until late , along with its Saturn conjunction, which occurs throughout all of in the last few degrees of sidereal Scorpio.

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The Saturn-Ixion synod occuring in over the sting of the Scorpion marks the completion of the year Saturn-Ixion synodic cycle that began in , and of course, it marks the start of the next Saturn-Ixion cycle. Ixion brings emphasis to the exposure for misdeeds driven from personal gratification or carnal lust at the cost of others wellbeing, and for disrespect or betrayal of others, especially for deceptively taking advantage of a host or benefactor.

Ixion impels us to take responsibility for our life scenarios rather than perpetuating entrapment on the karmic wheel as if victim to a self-created history of deception. Ixion also seems to exemplify people in authoritarian positions being brought to justice for tyrannical deeds involving the suppression and manipulation of people, especially women, as well as the destruction of people for one's own end.

Ixion may also be prominent in malicious and deceptive power-plays between authoritarian figureheads, drawn out in long karmic-based scenarios. Bush Senior and Sadam Husain is an example. I see this theme in what I suspect was a karmic scenario that had to play out between the U. It should be noted however that Ixion conjoined Pluto at the time , and Saturn and Ixion along with Quaoar began their synodic cycle in in the karmic claws of the Scorpion, thus being 10 years into the Saturn-Ixion cycle mentioned above and emphasizing not only the Saturn-Ixion theme of karmic responsibility, but also the ending Pluto-Ixion of a tyrannical figurehead and of the karmic scenario.

More research about Ixion's role in their charts may be insightful should anyone be motivated. Ixion may include issues of trust and betrayal, where miss-deeds are forgiven, but which occur again, perhaps in vicious cycle, much like a woman who forgives an abusive husband only to be abused again the following day.

It may also express as lust and desire for wealth and power, or draw situations involving wealth and power where one must confront issues of morality.

astroPPM: Ixion: Our Conflict of Self

Ixion in the natal astrological chart may indicate were we must own up for our own deeds. Ixion may bring attention to any internal conflict regarding the nature of our actions and if they reflect the type of person we really want to be, thus raising issues about self-deception or how we may be in denial. Ixion may raise issues about our morals, if we are presenting one persona to the world while our less-than ideal actions are demonstrating something else entirely, something other than what we know we should ideally demonstrate.

Ixion may be related to where or how we may compromise our morals for personal gratification, or draw experience where we may be tempted to do so, and how we must deal with the karmic ramifications of doing so. Keep in mind, Ixion's role is just beginning to be explored in the astrological community. Myth and astrological placements at the time of discovery only lend insight into the true nature of a newly discovered planet or asteroid.

Only time-tested research will refine Ixion's true astrological influence. Ixion, like Pluto, has a mean-motion resonance with Neptune, which means that for every two orbits that Ixion makes, Neptune makes three orbits. This also means that Ixion and Pluto have the same orbital resonance , meaning they both orbit one time between their synods. The Neptune-Ixion synodic cycle is about years.

The last cycle began in in sidereal Virgo. I added this section due to a question I received asking if Ixion crosses inside Neptune's orbit. One astronomical unit AU is the mean distance between the Earth and our Sun, approximately 93 million miles million km. Ixion's "apparent entry into Neptune's orbit" is fitting to an Ixion-Neptune trait of creating "deceptive appearances. Ixion appears to cross into Neptune's orbit around CE and appears to leave in about CE, but only when looking down upon the solar system. However, Ixion is actually still further from the Sun then Neptune's orbital distance during this time, at about 34 AU in This is due to Ixion's high Ixion reaches its perihelion closest distance to the Sun in at about 30 AU.

This is the only time it creates an Ixion-Neptune orbital distance resonance. Its distance then increases from the Sun, although still appearing to be inside Neptune's orbit when looking down upon the solar system. Ixion and Saturn conjoin throughout with three geocentric conjunctions occurring on February 15, June 6 while retrograde and October The Saturn-Ixion synod occurs on July 4, , which completes the Saturn-Ixion synodic cycle that began in and initiates the new year Saturn-Ixion synodic cycle, which continues through occurring in Aquarius.

The synod lies in late sidereal Scorpio, close to the Sagittarius cusp shown in the above star chart. The retrogrades occur in the latter part of sidereal Scorpio, conjoining Ras Alhague, the head of Ophiuchus, and the leg of Ophiuchus which stands over the sting of the Scorpion and Ara, Altar of the Centaur.

Saturn and Ixion's conjunction brings emphasis to long-established karmic-based tyrannical authoritarian scenarios, generally involving people in strong leadership positions. At a soul level, the players in such scenarios are fulfilling underlying evolutionary energy currents that must be brought to resolution for humanity, despite what it may look like on the global stage of incarnate life. The stellar energetic of the retrogrades, over the sting of the Scorpion, can express just as a scorpion's sting feels, as a smite attack, lashing out with intense emotional vengeance. However, for those on a path of self mastery and who are willing to delve within self to own their emotions and address their own personal issues rather than project them outward a main lesson of Scorpio , this area of the zodiak offers opportunity to choose a path of inner healing leading to metamorphic transformation.

This is to surrender lesser egoic self, to place it upon the pyre of the Centaur's altar Ara , upon which drips the venom of the Scorpion's sting the often harsh lessons of life as a transmutational elixir that acts as a catalyst for an inner metamorphosis. This is in preparation to awaken to a greater unified consciousness, reinstatement into a higher order resonance, which can then occur over the high altar, which extends from Alpha to Theta Ara in early Sagittarius and lies under Galactic Center.

Saturn and Ixion's synchronous retrogrades provide this opportunity throughout and this is also the underlying theme set for the new year Saturn-Ixion synodic cycle. Saturn, after its final conjunction with Ixion at the end of October , will then fully enter sidereal Sagittarius in November Ixion will slowly follow, but Saturn will then move away from Ixion, also engaging the new year Saturn-Ixion cycle.

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Chiron also aspects as well throughout The Saturn-Ixion conjunction is one facet of the geometry formed by all of these planets. The Saturn-Ixion synthesis and its role in this overall planetary geometry became active and dominant at the start of , continuing throughout the year. Eris, Haumea, Sedna and Ixion continue their aspects throughout , and Haumea, Sedna and Ixion continue their aspects through The Saturn-Ixion synthesis over the sting of the Scorpion can express as harsh lashing out of long-established authoritarian tyranny.

There is also opportunity for transformation of exploitative tyrannical Ixion-like established patterns, although Saturn, as a constricting and consolidating force, does not particularly support change, yet at the same time demands taking responsibility for these Ixion-like behavioral patterns. Yods create a resonance that impels the application of two energetics to create a solution in a third area of life.

This can be somewhat paradoxical for a few reasons, but this Yod is even more exemplary of this paradox. Saturn and Ixion have been in a synchronous retrograde, tightly conjoined, over the sting of the Scorpion, which in part, incites long-established patriarchal tyrannical forces to demonstrably intensify in the world, whether as authoritarian-type people or authoritarian bureaucratic systems and establishments. Saturn is restrictive, stoic and resistant to change. In contrast, the Haumea-Jupiter synthesis is exceptionally dynamic to mobilize a rebirth in consciousness aligned with a higher truth.

It is exceptionally progressive, expansive and promotes growth and change. These two apparently conflicting energetics, as the base points of the Yod which are sextile , actually work in strength together, however in an oscillatory fashion due to Sedna's presence at their opposite mid-point to address and stimulate Sedna as the solution. This means that the interactive dynamic of these two forces energetically support the re-emergence of the long-suppressed exiled feminine principle on Earth and to entice the emergence of the feminine force in the world, especially stimulating women to emerge as this driving force.

Paradoxically, the arousal of the Saturn-Ixion synthesis not only incites a vengeful exploitative expression of tyrannical forces upon the global stage, but underlying this externalized dramatic is an intense karmic responsibility of those in positions of power in the world, that acts as a transmutational elixir mixed with the Jupiter-Haumea force to catalyze Sedna's reawakening and reemergence.

Despite what it may look like upon the global stage, those exemplifying the Saturn-Ixion tyrannical theme, at this time, whether they know it or not, are the catalytic force to spur the re-emergence of the feminine principle on Earth. This is Saturn-Ixion karmic retribution occuring upon the altar of the Centaur. Chiron, Sedna and Jupiter-Haumea create another Yod, thus we have two interlocking Yods working together. Chiron impels an inner healing journey, to get in touch with, face and heal our wounds to establish a deeper level of wholeness and an expression of our unique full potential.

This impels a process of unconditionally embracing our wounds with the willingness to feel any emotion attached to those wounds rather then defending why we are wounded with judgmental mind. Jupiter Zeus then punishes Ixion by affixing him to a winged wheel alive with searing fire. Thus stripped of his humanity and ability to choose anything, Ixion is reduced to unceasingly crying out from his totally helpless state: you should show gratitude to your benefactor!

This is the lesson, one about primal creation and responsibility: we are given life and gifted with abilities. And in existing, are asked to be and do something decent yea verily positive during our time on Earth, fixating not on ourselves to the extent that we harm, damage or otherwise compromise others. We know when we are tempted to do so, and we all know the allure of temptation which asks us to do an irresponsible thing. Will we abandon our sense of intent? Will we down that draught of pure selfish desire at injurious cost to another? And sometimes…sometimes we ask ourselves which is which.

Such are the questions posed by the position sign, house, aspects, etc. Much research needs to be done before anyone even begins to decide this on its face. It may be a difficult task. Or hard to accept or get a real fix on your Ixion. And perhaps taking a hard look at the Jupiter factor is important too, as through Zeus, the story of Ixion seems to rest on a very Jupiterian sense of opportunities gifted and squandered—and what comes of that. And can we change this? Considering this as a Kuiper Belt object and thus defined as beyond our control, we may not be able to change the course of our life.

In other words, we are likely to encounter situations which raise Ixion Neptune and Jupiter issues no matter what we do. A lot of that is simply about moderation: the maintaining of a grip on the balance—an idea otherwise known as personal judgment.

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Nobody says this is easy. Far from it! Or sometimes anything! And still, we are required to try—and to try without allowing ourselves to get distracted by falling prey to the desires of our ego. Life has repercussions. Pisces as a sign and the 12 th house of any chart tells us where we will face the emotional tests or imprisonment from such. Discovered on May 22, at 5 Sagittarius a sign it will continue transiting through until November 6, Ixion has an orbital period of This in itself is yet another poignant commentary on the Ixion story since the once-beautiful and very human Medusa also came to grief when she offended Pallas Athena by succumbing to yes…!

Maybe so. That Pluto is soon to conjunct this 9 Capricorn come seems a fascinating touch—particularly for those interested in the finale-and-recommencement of the Mayan calendar. Whatever its position by transit, Ixion would appear to make a statement in any natal chart, with its effects being far more noticeable if in conjunction particularly tight conjunction with any planet, node or axis. Much study needs to be done, but by any stretch or measure, Ixion is a point which recalls and tests our very conception of what it means to be wholly conscious while in the process of choosing how to go about being purely and mortally human.

Deucalion: The Moral Path. Thank you so much for this article. That we have a choice right now about death, rebirth, taking life, harming other living beings. These messages seem to be reflected all over. Thats why I love what you have written. Many thanks once again,. Surely things will surface going into both eclipses, and some things will be eliminated from your life. At least THAT tunnel. Yes, of course…comments are forwarded to me it looks like I missed a few, but still… and I try to get here to answer them as soon as time permits.

And yes, the current Mercury retrograde has been toying with everything! This can be a very positive energy in certain circumstances, such as when applied to a skill you have worked long and hard to master. Nice article. Medusa is exact conj. Its all quite a big mish mash of iceberg tips pointing to significant and somewhat frighting insights. But today I am the fish swimming upstream trying to understand. So I will try to keep my eyes ope in the blur of rushing water. Since Jupiter changes direction in an hour Remarkably Ixion is also opposite Ceres in Gemini.

Ceres has very well to do with Jupiter and Pluto.

The Astronomy and Astrology of Ixion

What did Jupiter do? Not very moral behavior. Much to write about, will return. Your journal seems to be interesting, will study it closer. With pleasure! All the best. I am willing to believe it is me not other people that create any repetitive problem I have which in my case is definitely in creating a successful, long term intimate trusting relationship that is supportive of both me and the other person. Regards, Peta. Hi, Peta…like, wow. Ixion at the MC is a real challenge to stand up for what should be, and with the North Node there, I can well imagine how tough that can be.

Your point about how slowly Ixion moves is well taken too. Dear Boots It was great to read this. Perhaps it is one of those discoveries that repeats themes in my chart that are evident from more basic configurations. But the Ixion story is a disturbing one! I suppose that is taking it too literally :. He was my contemporary so his Ixion touched my chart as above.

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Ixion moves so slowly that in fact anyone born from my birthdate to thirty years later would have an Ixion that touched my stellium. Now I know why I need to stick to older partners! Obviously part of what you have learned about yourself is that you do have a propensity for denial.

The 12th house is the arena wherein we learn about our willingness to feel our feelings. Then you add Neptune.

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  5. The key is to accept. Neptune is about faith in ourselves. What I am saying is that I hope you recognize that you know how to care for your own emotionality in tough times. Reach out. Just fell into this site while researching Ixion. My ex-husband has Ixion conjunct my neptune in my 12th house in Scorpio and coujunct my asc. He was an oath breaker, torturer and after we parted i felt my life was over murderer. He was not cognizant of the other me. When I continued reading, however, I realized it was ME!

    I had the idyllic expectations that were not met and was disappointed in the end. I chose to keep my head in the sand neptune. I deceived myself! Very powerful. Thank you so much for this insight. Wonderful, wonderful article. First time on your website, tonight. How about this: Ixion, for me at birth, in the 12th house, conjunct my natal Uranus and my Asc. Now, today, conjunct my natal Neptune in Sag. Some of those planets are just so darn big… Thanks so much for sharing!!! I discovered Ixion today when running up a chart online and did a quick search on it when I saw it was conjunct my Mars-Neptune conjunction yikes.

    I see now that it was discovered whilel transiting 5 Sag, which is my Part of Fortune. Hi, All…been away for a few days. Your comments are appreciated. Ultimately this story is probably all in how we combine the energies — we are not, after all, just one part of our character, but a synthesis of our personal totality. Thanks Boots, this explain a lot. I have Ixion in my 3rd house conjunct 2 degrees Uranus — both in Scorpio.