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He demonstrated that the sequential progression of 22 shrutis can be plotted mathematically, enabling a player to easily play a note on a string precisely every time. The discovery has led Dr. A typical Harmonium has 12 shrutis or basic musical notes and was considered an instrument with limitations in Indian Classical Music, as it could not render all the nuances of Indian Ragas.

Classical Singers used to performing with Tanpura were not comfortable with harmonium tuned to the Tone European Equi-tempered scale, which therefore is completely unsuitable to the Indian Classical Music, giving all the notes in wrong positions. To gel with Tanpura, an ideal instrument should have 22 shrutis.

Oke discovered the mathematical method used by ancestors for the division of shrutis, developed an improved harmonium capable of playing 22 shrutis — fractional notes or microtones , and patented his design for the first time in India, a maiden recognition of the otherwise humble instrument. Oke who has an eye for detail, made structural changes providing a knob each under 12 keys, positioned for upper and lower shrutis. In this way, the 22 shruti harmonium can be tuned for any particular raga by simply pulling out knobs wherever a higher shruti is required as demonstrated on Shruti-Harmonium for Ragas e.

In this way, it is more useful to render most nuances of Indian ragas. Musically creative people can go to any length to add an extra bit to their designs as is evident in his creation, the Shruti-Harmonium, which can also double up as an Accordion, by adjusting the knobs under every key. Vocalists now should insist on having this shruti harmonium. It provides the reference sounds of Svaras or Musical notes expressed precisely in Hertz; individually in the 12 Tone Equal Temperament and 22 Shruti scales starting from any Shadja or Fundamental frequency, and also in Aroha and Avarohana in Ragas from Hindustani Classical Music and Carnatic Music , and also a side-by-side, note-to-note comparison of these 2 Musical Scales.

This extraordinary work should be given and awarded due and deserving recognition. It gave me an experience of Swarabrahma. His harmonium should be made mandatory to all Indian Classical Music vocalists all over the world. The evolution of this formula has set at rest all the past discussions and disputes over the positions of shrutis — an achievement that will be written in golden letters in the history of music. He is a great proponent of Grant Lewi, considered as the father of modern astrology in America.

Lewi's Philosophy of Life is that Destiny, when multiplied by Free will, creates Human life, which normally appears as a constant struggle between what is Existence and what ought Essence to be. Vijay Patwardhan poses with his book Apoet is gifted with the genius of coming up with perfect words that exactly put across his thoughts. An artist visualises his paintings in his mind before he recreates them on canvas. The eminent astrologer is now the proud author of Vedh Adhnyatacha In Search of The Unknown , a book wherein he has put on paper his 37 years experience in palmistry.

A former writer of Bhartiya Sanskruti Kosh Archive of Indian Culture , Patwardhan was influenced by the religious atmosphere, owing to which he got curious about the jyotish art. He learnt palmistry by reading the works of Chiero — the legendary Irish astrologer. I predicted that he would pass his next exam with flying colours if he studied from the notes he had kept in his pocket at that moment.

It turned out to be true! The polite astrologer says that he decided to start reading palms for a living back in after his boss refused to pay him Rs for his work. So far, Patwardhan has read 70, palms till date. Patwardhan read his palm on the sets of Bobby and told him that his next film would be a huge hit.

Patwardhan believes that his work is a blend of a vast knowledge of palmistry and a gifted power of intuition. He has a strong fascination about the lives of humans. The lines on their palms seem to talk to me. People open up to me about stories they would never share with therapists or doctors. How does he handle people who ridicule astrology? Those who believe in it are welcome to meet me. I do not pursue this art to earn profits,"" Patwardhan affirms. Atul Atul. Klas Molin. Aurobinda Dhal. Avani Patel. Avani Vakharwala.

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